Interacting masterclass, how consultancy can make difference

Why Masterclass? Because, just like in a Masterclass, turning to CFS Europe means constantly interacting with consultants and experts. Our goal is to provide advice and solutions to improve the shelf-life and performance of your products.

Just like in a Masterclass, CFS Europe listens constantly to understand the needs of the companies. We build relationships based on constant exchange, with the goal of providing dedicated and customized antioxidants solutions. 

Finally, just like in a Masterclass, CFS Europe welcomes its clients’ challenges not like a supplier would, but a consultant and reliable partner committed to solving a common theme. The scientific approach cannot transcend a solid human connection, involving a side-by-side presence to become one of the best resources for any company. 

Our concept of innovation results from trust

Producing antioxidants and chemical solutions currently means thinking and operating as respectfully as possible and seeking more sustainable natural alternatives with the same high standard. 

A new idea of customer-centric approach

Our mission is to provide diversified, high-quality, innovative solutions that ensure a significant extension of shelf-life in the food industry, animal nutrition, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals.

We are a long-life partner

We are flexible by nature and choice. We prefer to leave room for the customer instead of proposing standardized solutions. 
We are methodical, systematic and scientific in our in-depth analysis of our client’s requests because we know that a proper evaluation is the first step to providing solutions.

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provides solutions

Our job is to deliver answers: we are methodical, systematic and scientific in thoroughly analyzing our client’s demands because evaluation is the first step to providing solutions. As a result, our products guarantee a significant shelf-life extension and always prioritize our client’s success and satisfaction. 

provides new approach

Our customer-centric approach starts from our clients’ needs: we learn from our customers and improve our products accordingly. We provide a wide range of products, customized solutions according to specific requests, and a versatile think-outside-the-box attitude. 

provides support

CFS Europe is not just a supplier but a reliable partner, an expert who gives advice and professional consultation in goal planning assistance. Our clients know that they can always count on us, as we are constantly by their side both as suppliers and advisors: that is what makes us one of their best resources for their success.

provides information

Transparency, clarity and reliability are crucial in the current transition from synthetic to natural materials. We are honest and we guarantee complete openness in terms of product description, operating in such a way that allows our clients always to see what we do, how and why. To us, transparency is communication, openness and accountability. In a market where the brand name does all the job, we let our candidness speak for us.