Antioxidants and Natural Extracts

Keep your products fresh, nutritious, and tasty for longer

Oxidation is a primary concern to food, pet food, aquafeed, premix and animal feed manufacturers. Rancidity, off-flavors, discoloration, palatability loss, and destruction of essential fatty acids and nutrients are some of the consequences of lipid oxidation. 

Lipid oxidation is a natural process that involves the formation of free radicals, peroxides, and decomposition products. It is autocatalytic, which means that the process will feed on itself. Therefore, blocking or inhibiting this process as early as possible is of the utmost importance. 

CFS Antioxidants and Natural Extracts enhance the stability and prolong the shelf-life of your food and feed products by delaying the oxidative breakdown processes. 

Antioxidants and botanical phenolic extracts are free radical scavengers and chain-breaking molecules which prevent or retard the oxidation process until they have been entirely consumed.  

CFS Antioxidants and Natural Extracts are systems or blends of ingredients, individually optimized for different food or feed applications. The key benefits are:

  • Securing quality and preventing rancidity
  • Extending product shelf-life
  • Effectively protecting sensory properties, palatability, essential fatty acids, color pigments and vitamins
  • Enhancing antioxidants distribution using liquid, dry or water-dispersible delivery systems
  • Synergistic antioxidants activity
  • Metal chelating properties

Sustainable food and feed production

A strong focus on controlling oxidation not only improves the quality of your products but also significantly reduces product loss and waste.

CFS Antioxidants and Natural Extracts are essential parts of the strategy to secure minimum waste and reduce environmental impact throughout your supply chain.


Traditional synthetic antioxidants such as BHA, BHT, propyl gallate, ASCORBIL PALMITATE are components of highly active Xtendra® solutions with attractive cost-in-use ratios. 


Rising demand for healthy, nutritious, and natural products greatly impact the animal nutrition market and the antioxidants, which manufacturers are likely to prefer.

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