Oils or fats add dimension to foodstuff. To prolong their shelf life. antioxidants are added to protect them from oxidation. Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS), being one of the leading manufacturers of traditional antioxidants, can give you total control through vertical integration. Our NaSure range of plantbased antioxidant solutions offer you a natural alternative shelf-life extension, with high antioxidant activity proven to protect food and ensure longer stability. People today are embracing healthier foodstuffs that are of natural origin; we developed natural shelf life extension solutions to give your consumers a complete healthy experience. NaSure BLEND is a natural shelf life solution blend of Rosemary extract based on carnosic acid. This powerful antioxidant solution used for protecting  is an absolute healthy way to start one’s day. Customers are invited to conduct collaborative application projects for value-based and efficient shelf-life solutions. Our combined antioxidant experience in the industry and global supply chain network help deliver products anywhere in the world.

Product Name Active Ingredients
THBQ Ascorbyl Palmitate Citric Acid Rosemary extract Mixed tocopherol
Xtendra 06
Xtendra 08
Xtendra 47
NaSure 17
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