Our Chemicals products

A top-notch production for specific applications

With its facility located in the Ravenna’s chemical district, CFS Europe has a consolidate experience in manufacturing of valuable chemical products. 

The Italian Diphenols plant has been started in 1986 and it was the first industrial scale plant based on Titanium Silicalite technology, developed few years ago. 

With almost 40 years of know-how in manufacturing Catechol and Hydroquinone, CFS is one of the most enthusiastic player in manufacturing diphenols and derivatives.

Our technical staff is always open to work with clients for the definition of the best specification, technical support, R&D support.

As the world’s leading producer of antioxidants and vanillin, what makes us unique is the vertical integration of our production: with our facility located in Ravenna, one of the largest chemical districts in Italy, we produce Hydroquinone and Catechol, base raw materials that originate a wide range of downstream products such as Vetrarole, 4-Tert-Butylcatechol (4-TBC), Hydroquinone monomethyl ether (MEHQ/PMP) and Tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), Guaiacol and many others. 

Such a high level of vertical integration is an excellent benefit for our clients, who know that our products are stable and high-quality. In addition, full traceability, transparency and competitive prices both in basic raw materials and intermediate/derivative products are added values that we always provide. 

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