Our concept of results
innovation from trust

Producing antioxidants and chemical solutions currently means thinking and operating as respectfully as possible and seeking more sustainable natural alternatives with the same high standard. 

In the current transition from synthetic to natural materials, we provide training, information, transparency and reliability with constantly updated product descriptions and specifications: we are always clear about what we do, how and why. 

Our sincerity speaks for us in a world where reputation does all the work.

We trust, rely upon and reward the people who work with us in different ways: by taking care of the work environment and introducing welfare systems; by improving the equipment of our production plants; by generating a healthy economy for the territory in which we operate.


A new idea of
customer-centric  approach

Our mission is to provide diversified, high-quality, innovative solutions that ensure a significant extension of shelf-life in the food industry, animal nutrition, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. 

We are providers and consultants that always guarantee utmost care and flexibility: we update, research and improve our already wide range of solutions based on our clients’ specific requirements. 

The future of chemicals is natural. Working from our Italian offices in Ravenna, we are at the forefront of this critical challenge and provide natural antioxidants as an alternative to synthetic ones in the Animal and Human Nutrition fields. By doing so, we respond to the growing sensitivity toward Environment and Health.

Our current projects allow up to face new horizons and possibilities: acquisitions and waste recovery are among our challenges and commitments. 


We are a
LONG-LIFE partner 

We are flexible by nature and choice. We prefer to leave room for the customer instead of proposing standardized solutions. 

We are methodical, systematic and scientific in our in-depth analysis of our client’s requests because we know that a proper evaluation is the first step to providing solutions. As a result, our products ensure a significant extension of shelf-life and always prioritize our clients’ success and satisfaction. 

Flexibility, proactivity and “cross-cutting” vision are our benchmarks, both in small and big projects.
Our task is to provide answers and support the development of our clients: their gratification is our pride. 

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